Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013

I'm organizing the Toronto Mini Maker Faire this year! It's a gathering of "makers", people who DIY technology. Traditionally it's all the kinds of things in my world - hackerspaces, electronics, 3D printers, quadcopters, etc. It's been really interesting to be behind the scenes in the planning. I've been basically doing maker coordination - making sure that all the coolest people are coming, coordinating with them about what they need, informing them as our own plans develop, etc. It's also been interesting to watch the marketing - I've never been involved in an event at even close to this size, but we have a team who have done all kinds of events at this scale, and marketing an event like this is a huge task. Speaking of which, I've got my own personal discount code: eric, get 20% off tickets :-). I'm super excited to have the faire happening in Toronto again - it was sad when it didn't happen in 2012. Come see hacklab at the faire, Sept 21 & 22, at Wychwood Barns here in Toronto.

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