Friday, January 9, 2009


The Edge 2009 Annual Question

What will change everything? 150 scientists, authors and public figures answer this question. You can learn lots. How to sum it up?

George Dvorsky said it best: Answers Overwhelmingly Transhumanist.

Having seen George's collection, I don't feel like I can top that view of the answers. So what I present here is just a collection of the ideas which were novel to me, i.e. said something I didn't already know... I've also picked a few I think are relevant to the metaciv project. Obviously I think you should read all the answers yourself. But if you want a curated collection, here's mine.

Kevin Kelly - a new kind of mind. Not strong AI, but ubiquity of intelligence. Fascinating insight.

Chris Anderson - a web empowered revolution in teaching (by video, of course)

George Dyson - Interstellar Viruses - actually, transmitting alien intelligences, and having civilizations "unpack them", similar to hosting a virus... interesting idea - why send messages when you can send yourself?

Daniel L. Everett - Undoing Babylon: universal accurate language translation

Nicholas Humphrey - this one really sums up WHY transhumanism is the dominate answer. If you change human nature, you change everything in the most fundamental sense.

Freeman Dyson - radiotelepathy

Haim Harari - education is still awaiting revolution

Leo Chalupa - drugs for brain plasticity!

Steven Pinker - thoughts on failed futurism, personal genomics

Keith Devlin - the mobile phone!

Howard Rheingold - social media explosion?

Eric Drexler - carbon emissions problem, nanotech removal

David Gelernter - track & cluster to replace school as we know it

Brian Eno - self fufilling feelings of things getting worse

Sherry Turkle - robots as companions - and dangers thereof

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster - miniaturizing people to reduce their burden

David M Buss - exploitability

Robert Sapolky - people who can intuit in six-dimensions. But such humans may never exist!

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