Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Arrival Portland

I arrived in Portland last night at around 8pm, much earlier than I had anticipated. I made great time from SF to here, only 11h including a stop at burger barn (pictured, they sell a 1lb $20 hamburger!) for lunch. It was in a really cute mountain town somewhere just south of the border between California and Oregon. My craigslist rider was super awesome & chill, she controlled the sound system and we listened to This American Life, the Moth, Escape Pod and some music. I'm staying now with friends here in Portland, it's a great neighborhood. They fed me kraft dinner, which was awesome, some of my best childhood memories are of eating that stuff! I'm planning to visit Brain Silo today and the science museum OMSI "after dark" tomorrow. Also on the list is Free Geek.

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