Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Flickr Fully Operational; Brain Silo

I got my flickr account back to working again. I never used it beyond my 2007 China Trip, so there really isn't much there yet, but I think you'll all be excited to see Portland Day 1: Brain Silo & Free Geek.

We did see Brain Silo yesterday as well - thanks to the kindness of Nick, who gave us the code for the door without even being there himself! We explored the space on our own. I'm hoping to get a proper tour and meet some peeps at Brain Silo today, we'll see what happens. But I can say that they have a very industrial space, with the main door being a garage door! And it looks like they do some electronics, I spotted lots of wire, a soldering iron, etc. I left them a few surprises, let's just say that noisebridge has left its mark :-).

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