Tuesday, July 27, 2010



So there is a week missing at this point in the blog. I spent time with my family at our cottage, my parents place, and my sisters place. I figure that stuff would mostly bore you, so I've saved you the trouble of not reading that post by not writing it :-).

Anyway, Hacklab.TO in Toronto was my next destination. Flickr set. I was there for their second anniversary party, Friday Aug 23th 2010. The place was hoping with a couple of dozen people in attendance. They have an excellent location, right across from Kensington Market. There is a bar immediately beneath them, the U of T is only a few blocks away, as is China Town, there is plenty of foot traffic outside. I had a great time showing my hack book scrap book to people, and getting a tour from Leigh. Their space is small (perhaps 1000 sq ft?), but I understand not wanting to move, it's a great space in a great location. They have a laser cutter that they (re)built the controller for from scratch themselves, a nice library, a good electronic work station, a small couch area, and a small kitchen. They are super passionate right now about "Free Byron", their effort to get a member freed from unjust imprisonment (he was arrested at the G7 protest for taking photos of the fences around the CN tower!)

If I do settle in Toronto, I can totally see hanging out at hacklab.TO on a regular basis!

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