Friday, July 9, 2010


Seattle, Vancouver, VHS

Some sightseeing for a change! Flickr Sets: Seattle - Gas Works, Freeway Park, Vancouver - UBC, Museum of Anthropology. I really enjoyed touring around Seattle with Pip, I would never have gone to Freeway Park without his encouragement, but it really was pretty cool. I drove up to Vancouver and checked out UBC as well - wow, they have a HUGE amount of land! It's actually kind hard to find the campus amongst all that green. Super scenic!

In Vancouver, I visited Vancouver Hackerspace VHS (down with betamax!), a great little community of people with a nice space in an area just sketchy enough to be cheap :-). Flickr Set. I was there on Tuesday night, when they have an open house and people are encouraged to drop in, and in fact they had tons of people in the space, pretty much filling it up with perhaps 20 people. There was a short presentation on using a multimeter (very well delivered, some great stories of troubleshooting by an older engineer). And there were people hacking on a wide variety of projects, including some robots, some radios, and various kits. I assembled my bliplace and worked on my scrapbook, which people loved, it's finally beginning to have enough content to be interesting! I said that I would return on Thursday night, but I totally underestimated how long it would take to get to Victoria and back, so that ended up not happening, which I am super sad about.

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