Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Site 3 in Toronto

I attended Site 3's opening night party, although I only went for the afternoon. Flickr Set. They've only had the space since July 1st, but they've already got an impressive amount of stuff in there! It's a two story space, on the ground floor they have a workshop, with concrete floors and some machine tools and a storage room. On the top floor, it's a wide open space, with great ambiance, it'll make wonderful classroom space once they get a few more tables and chairs. Apparently it used to be a blacksmith's shop, they even have the old anvil! Also, there is no plumbing/running water in the building, so the toilets are incinerators!

The picture is of a flame device, the height of the flames changes according to the tone of a sound which is created by the speaker down the tube itself, pretty neat. One of the members is a steampunk artist, so upstairs there are a couple of pretty awesome steampunk costumes on dummies, including a leather armor piece that was created from a mold of Milla Jovovich's chest :-).

I think Site 3 has a lot of potential as a hackerspace, it'll be great to watch them fill the space up with love.

It's called a Rubens' Tube.
Workshops would look great with concrete floors, but I've seen designs which are more progressive. Polyvinyl is my personal preference.

timber flooring perth
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