Thursday, September 23, 2010


Mushroom Forey

Last weekend I attended my dad's 21st Annual Rocklyn Creek Mushroom Forey, which was a total blast. Last year I had to fly 7000 miles round-trip to do the same (as part of a vacation trip), this year it was a mere 3 hour drive :-). We had a good group of people, I think 11 on the hike itself and a few more people for the tasting and potluck dinner. Dad claims that we had one of the biggest years ever in terms of mushrooms, with about 70 different species being identified, including almost 20 edible ones. We certainly had more than we could eat, anyway! I had fun playing photographer, seeing as I was the only one who brought a camera. You can check out my Mushroom Forey Flickr Set

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