Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Quartz Lab

So I am super lazy, sorry about this being over a month late. I visited Quartz Lab on July 27th, 2010, for their Tuesday Open Night (TON). Flickr Set. I had a blast and made an impromptu talk about North Paw (no presentation, just off the cuff). There were two guys there who were the official speakers, they had built a Dr. Who Dalek, totally awesome!!!1!!1!1!! Apparently there is a UK group of people who have published all kinds of info about how to do this yourself, and they followed those plans. But they added a powered wheel chair inside, so that you can drive the Dalek around, which is awesome. You can see both the Dalek talk and my sensebridge talk.

Anyway, Quartz Lab has a great space, they have several thousand square feet, divided into three major areas. Just inside the door there is a nice couch area, to the right there is a great class room space, and then most recently to the left they have rented a new area which is going to be the workshop - drill presses, etc. The night I was there they had about 50 people in the space, and even when we all crowded into the classroom for the talks there was still tons of space. I also got a very warm welcome from Darin White, who I had previously given a warm welcome to Noisebridge when he visited San Francisco. I really like Quartz Lab, I'll probably be heading over once or twice a month for their TON events, anytime they promise an interesting speaker...

They also did something really awesome with one of their walls: they made it into a rotating art wall. Various artists are invited to show off their works. I think it's a wonderful way to get some awesome stuff for the walls while also exposing local artists, and incidentally spreading the word about the hackerspace into the artist community... Shear genius, I tell you!

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