Friday, October 1, 2010



After the reunion I continued on up the freeway to Montreal. I crashed with an old friend there, played huge numbers of games (he's a board gaming geek), and checked out Foulab, the Montreal hackerspace. They've got an awesome space, perhaps 2,000 sq.ft, and it's seen a decent amount of love. They have a bit of a junk problem (lots of donations of things that are actually worthless), so I talked to them about some solutions to that problem that I've seen. There is also a fair number of pretty awesome hacks in the space, including the teletype machine that spits out tweets (!), a very cool very large POV machine, the coconut-head roving robot, the sweet coffee-can lamps over the big desk, a hot-wire cutter (it made the pictured object, though I have no idea how...), a solid ink printer that they use to make flexible PCBs (!), and some sweet tool organization. Apparently they only have about 20 paying members, but I'd say they are still one of the most active hackerspaces I've visited. Keep up the good work, foulab! Foulab Flickr Set.

Also, I purchased an ungodly number of Montreal-style bagels (at REAL Bagel), enough to last for several weeks, then my bagel-depression will have to set in again :-(. It's just not the same anywhere else in the world...

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