Friday, October 1, 2010


Queens Sci'00 Reunion

Last weekend I traveled up to Kingston for "faux-coming", the annual reunion event that Queens University is now canceling thanks to riots in previous years. Canceled or no there was still a huge number of people who returned, and a lot of parties. I had fun hanging out with some old friends and catching up. I toured the campus too and checked out some old haunts like the Mech Eng building, the math building, the library, Queens Pub, etc. It's surprising how little most of it has changed! There are a couple of awesome new buildings on campus though, and Clark Hall Pub is nearly unrecognizable on the inside (new management by the the commies! horror!). I also attended the football game, I think only the second time I've ever done that. Queens lost, but it was a good game, we were in the lead up until a few minutes before the end, and then the game went into overtime. Queens Sci'00 Reunion Flickr Set.

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