Thursday, January 13, 2011


Toronto RepRap Users Group

I attended a workshop held at, the hackerspace that I am a member of. It was a 3D printer workshop, centered around the RepRap, an open source project to build "replicating rapid prototypers". The basic idea is to print as much of the machine as possible on a prior instance of the machine. So far of the project is only able to print some of the structural elements of the machine, and not any of the motors, electronics, wiring, etc, but hey, it's a start :-). We got about 15 people for the workshop, and there were six RepRaps in attendance as well as the labs makerbot. The hacklab is actually innovating on the design, trying to simplify the machine, check it out at Hacklab RepRap. I plan to build a mini version once the design stabilizes and is proven. You can use these printers to make all kinds of things, as seen on thingiverse. See my workshop flickr set. Also note: I'll be leading several workshops in the near future, including ones on Arduino, soldering and wearables/cyborgs.

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