Monday, May 16, 2011


Guerilla Gardeners: East Planting

We were "Guerilla's In the Mist" yesterday, planting despite the near-continuous drizzle of rain. I had a total blast. The East End spot was behind a fence, at the corner of Queen Street East and McGee Street, just a few blocks east of Broadway. The land is probably owned by the rail company, the plot is actually part of the dirt embankment leading up to the tracks. We started with a kind of cleaning, there was a lot of sticks, stones and weeds, plus some really awesome buried old tin cans, glass bottles, etc. The soil turned out to be pretty good. The plant was in partnership with a local bar called The Avro, which raised funds to buy some plants for us, and then gave us free beers too! We had a group of about 10 people out, which was awesome turnout for a rainy day! A bunch of people walked by while we were doing it and one guy even got so excited that he told us he'd be back in just a few minutes with some plant donations of his own! The spot looks so much better now! One of my favorite lines was that 'guerilla gardening is kinda like graffiti, in the sense that you get to leave your mark on a space, except that when you're done, everyone is happy!' My Guerilla Gardening: East Planting flickr set is pretty awesome, but also check out Terry's facebook set, which has a better before shot and one of the group shots at the end :-)

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