Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tooting my own Horn

So it's totally not like me to toot my own horn, but I figured it's good to get this kind of stuff collected, and to acknowledge all the work that the various reporters and photographers went to to make these recordings, interviews and stories about me and the stuff I do. Thank you all! Here's a big list of places where you can read or watch or listen to learn more about me, my ideas, and my work:

Singularity Weblog: Hacklab.TO Toronto's Hacker Collective

Singularity Weblog: Eric Boyd on Singularity 1-on-1 DIY Transhumanism (photo to the right is by Socrates of Singularity Weblog, of me at hacklab)

TEDxLibrariansTO: The Story of Sensebridge, Maker Spaces and Libraries

CBC Spark: Hackerspaces

Make Magazine: DIY Superhuman: Heart Spark & North Paw

C-realm Podcast: This Anarchist Moment, and many others

The Mark News: Developing a Sixth Sense

Miraculously, there is so far only one video online of all my Quantified Self activity.

There is also only one video of my involvement with the Toronto Awesome Foundation, where I am now Dean of Awesome.

At hacklab (where I am now President) we're kinda camera shy, but every so often Norman makes a video of the stuff we're doing, like this one of Train Overlord, our robotic master of the rails. This summer I'm building quadcopters, so hopefully I'll have some epic flight videos to show that off eventually :-)

Update: Young Street Media has posted their story about me: Bling that blinks: How an engineer's surreal Burning Man experience grew into a fashion business. That quote about hacklab being "part workshop, part tree house, and part revolutionary lair" has us all cracking up over here!

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