Sunday, August 12, 2012


Awesome Foundation Winners

Surprisingly, I haven't blogged much here about the Toronto Awesome Foundation. We're still giving away $1000 every month to the most awesome idea. Pictured to the right is a recent winner showing off her rainbow flame gun :-). For Canada Day, the harbourfront center gave us a tent, and we held court all day, check out the photos, Video of the Pitches, Video of random fun. I've been doing all this video editing, which is a new thing for me, certainly gives me a new respect for making movies, since I know how much work a 5 minute video is! For those of you into guerilla gardening, there is also a video update from Terry on the Toronto Guerilla Gardeners. Other recent winners include: StopGap, the complete street band, Dr. Cornelius von Martlehüp’s Fantacular Tent of Spectastic Oddities, the love lettering project and numerous others... I'm having a lot of fun as dean, but only because I have a lot of great trustees who so most of the real work :-)

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